Monday, February 22, 2010


... is the bib number for my 1st ever 10k run, February 21, 2010 at The Fort.

The registration cost 600 pesos. It includes singlet, bib number, electronic timer chip and other free stuff(one of which includes a healthy food bar that I wasn't able to eat, it expired a day before the run).On the day of the run, I arrived around 4:50AM on the venue. According to the itinerary list, 10K run will start at 5AM, pero it started 5:35... so pinoy time. My left leg still hurts because of the 2 practice runs I had.

All 10K, runners we're requested to form on the starting line, a few seconds after the 21K runners started their run. I had my mp3 player with me and my phone(thinking na i'll be able to take some shots while running). At the start line, ang daming tao. Then there is a huge LCD screen that showed a guy instructing simple stretching, which I did follow. And then a gun shot, yumuko ako kala ko may gulo, JOKE!

It took me a while, a minute to be exact, before I crossed the starting line. An electronic chip were placed on every runners shoe and will calculate your time and speed, accurately. I was doing the simple run, then the quick run(the fastest I could go kasi masakit talaga) and then the walk. At some point there were models and event-people who gives water(event-people) and gatorade(models). I've passed by at least 4 and had 3 stops, 2 of which for water and 1 gatorade. At 5K point, the run-chip scanner is placed (38(m):24(s)). I'm drenched in sweat! Itlog na maalat at malabsa! And then the finish line after another 5K of course. We all have to line up for our freebies. Free breakfast(all tuna recipe they could think off), calendar, face towel, powerade(like a gatorade).

(approaching the finish line, naglalakad na lang)

According to runpix, I finished at 1h:13m:15s (gun) / 1h:12m:15s (net).

(after the race, having breakfast)

A few photo shots from century superbods run site, I have 3/4 solo shots, hahahaaha!

I enjoy the run, thanks to nog for encouraging me to participate.

I will run again, 10K on March 21st. Wish me luck!