Monday, September 28, 2009


Saturday morning, around 9am, September 26, 2009.

I woke up, because it is unusually cold that day. Could hear the storm from my room, which causes the cold weather that morning. I heard everyone at home were all up by that time. So, I went down just to check the situation. I checked our 'bakuran' and I could see the flood water reaching the gate and drive way.

By 12pm, flood water starts filling up the whole 'bakuran'. We never thought it would ever reach that high. (we're all confident that's the highest it could possibly reach)

By 3pm, flood water starts to break-in-to the house. It flows through the main door, from the dirty kitchen area drainage and the bathroom drainage. Everything happened so fast, I just found myself lifting, moving furniture and appliances to a 'baha-free' place, along with everyone else in the house of course.

By 4pm, electricity was shut off.

Here are some pics from Saturday's situation.

(shot from the 2nd floor of the house, right side, green roof was the 1st floor's roof)

(shot from the 2nd floor, front side)

(our 'bakuran', if I'm not mistaken, knee-high flood water level)

(shot from inside the house, about 6-10 inches high, may ilaw pa that time)

(my feet, soaked in 'baha', inside the house, brown-out na 'to)